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FROM: Steve Harrison

Dear Friend,

When you invest in our Get Published Now VIP Services, you get a step-by-step, proven system combining . . .

  • Specific and actionable content about baking as much potential for success into your book as you can, at every stage of the process . . .

  • Highly customized coaching that puts and keeps you on track to writing and publishing the strongest book possible, one that can help big audiences and make a big difference in your income and influence . . . 

  • A supportive community of other authors who will cheer you on and with whom you can exchange insights and advice into making your book the best it can be . . .

  • Valuable done-for-you services that finally get your book out of your head and into the world—cover design, title selection, editing, interior design, eBook formatting, and so much more . . . 

. . . all of which makes writing and publishing your book happen faster and with far less effort!

Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll Now



Your progress starts with you and your coach's first call. Your coach will get to know you, your experience with your book so far, and your goals so they know how best to help you. They’ll give you action steps to take right away, and develop a plan with you for ongoing encouragement and accountability.

Then over the course of 12 one-on-one consultations, your coach will give you tailored guidance for navigating the maze of decisions that go into a successfully written and published book so much more easily and with far less stress.

  • They'll give you guidance on choosing and refining your book's core concept.

  • They'll help you think of compelling "hooks" you can use to engage readers—and the media—quickly.

  • They'll assist you in outlining your book and shaping your content according to your own "Bestseller Structure" map—baking the potential for bestselling success right into your book's DNA by using the proven structures other successful non-fiction authors have used.

  • They'll give you a high-level, "eagle eye" view of what you've written, editing it as it's in development so your first draft is solid and strong (and not a shapeless mess!).

At every stage in the process, your coach will help you keep your goal in sight and steer clear of the missteps so many other authors make.


Plus, you get 24/7/365, lifetime access to our password-protected, members-only website. There you’ll find a wealth of resources to set you up for success:

  • Short video trainings you can take at your own pace, revealing a wealth of tips and techniques for making your book as strong as it can be and publishing it in the most effective way.

  • Downloadable PDF templates you can complete to help you put together all the puzzle pieces – structuring your content, crafting your title, evaluating your different publishing options and more.

  • Interactive exercises to help you sharpen the skills successful authors use to make their books engaging, media-friendly, and helpful to readers so they reach wide audiences and make a big impact.


Our coaches will make sure you have absolute clarity on what you need to do to finish your book and get it published. You’ll get valuable feedback on the progress you’re making, and targeted tips for making even more. If you can’t make all the calls, don’t worry—we’ll record them all and post them to the members-only website, where you can listen (or re-listen) at your leisure.


Worried about getting your foot in reputable literary agents’ doors? If you've already got your author platform established, we'll invite you to be part of a virtual “Meet the Agents” session via Zoom (exact date TBD). You can introduce yourself and pitch your book to them. It could be the video conference that jump starts your successful career.



Once you've finished writing your book, we GUARANTEE we will get it published and made available to readers around the world on Amazon.com—the world's biggest bookseller by far.

Plus, through IngramSpark, your book will be available for libraries, distributors, and such retailers as Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and independent bookstores to order.

You retain all the rights to your book. And we don't take a single cent of your sales—you keep all the money you make selling it.


We will make certain your book is one you can present with pride to readers, the media, and even traditional publishers (more and more self-published books get discovered by the established firms and brought out in a new edition.)

We'll provide professional, line-by-line proofreading and copyediting of your finished manuscript. We'll even guide you through making such specific decisions as:

  • Choosing a title and subtitle that grab attention.

  • Crafting an appealing author bio with high quality photo.

  • Writing back cover copy that practically compels readers to buy your book.

  • Writing a winning Amazon book description that helps generate more sales.

  • Making your book "media-genic" so TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, and podcasts and websites want to feature it and you.

  • Using non-fiction "bestseller storytelling" techniques to draw readers in and keep them reading.

  • Getting and leveraging testimonials and endorsements to burnish your credibility as an expert in your field.

  • Designing an impressive "back of book" that can help lift your visibility and sales.

We'll also work with you on the "look" of your book. You'll get a professional cover design for both your e-book and softcover editions. And we'll have a professional designer format your book for its print and electronic editions, as well.



Your book won't sell itself on Amazon. But don't worry—we'll reveal to you the secrets of what it takes to send your book climbing up the Amazon bestseller lists!

We go into all the nuts and bolts with you. For example . . . 

  • How much should you charge for your book? Do you even know how to start determining your price? We'll walk you through the process of findining a price point that both reflects your book's value and entices readers to buy it!

  • We'll upload your book to Amazon KDP and IngramSpark. Whether you have a fear of tech or just find it a nuisance, don't let cyber obstacles keep you from self-publishing. Let us do the hard stuff.

  • Need an ISBN for your book? We'll help you get one. It's like a Social Security Number for your book, and makes it easy for both brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries to order your book. It establishes YOU as the publisher of record worldwide—entitled to all the rewards your book can bring you.

  • We'll also do keyword research for you. We'll dig deep into your book's market and find the words and phrases readers use to search for books about your topic. Then, we'll help you strategically place these words in the elements of your book's Amazon listings so it gets in front of its ideal audience's eyes.

  • We'll even choose your book's ideal Amazon category for you. With 12,000+ book categories on Amazon to choose from, knowing exactly where your book belongs for maximum sales can be difficult. But we take away all the guesswork, identifying anywhere from 2-10 categories for you in which your book has the best chances of becoming an Amazon bestseller.


Your book's written and published—now what? Now, it's time to let the world know about it. A comprehensive and coordinated book launch is the best way to get the word out.

We will show you, step by step, exactly how to . . .

  • Set up your Amazon Author Central Page to increase your book's exposure across the platform and encourage more sales.

  • Get endorsements from celebrities and influencers — the ultimate "social proof" of your book's quality and value, and potentially game-changing for its sales. Very little builds buzz for your book the way a famous person talking about it to their followers can. 

  • Use your book to gain speaking, consulting, and coaching opportunities so you turn your book into your very own business, which could exponentially increase how much of a difference you make and how much revenue your message generates for you.


We'll train you to sell your books, not just one copy or a few copies at a time, but hundreds and even thousands! When you know how to sell books "by the truckload," you can dramatically amplify your message and increase the difference you make in readers' lives . . . not to mention in your own income.


Getting exposure for your book by being an expert guest on radio and TV shows, or quoted and interviewed in newspapers and magazines and on websites, is one of the most effective ways you can sell more books and reach more people. We'll train you in the best ways to approach the media so they can't wait to book you as a guest or feature you on their platform, thus introducing you to much bigger audiences.

Get Our Special "Author Surge" Package & We Will Give You $6,447.00+ Of Bonuses At No Extra Charge...

When you enroll in Get Published Now VIP Services during this special promotion, we’ll throw in these valuable bonuses to give your book an extra boost:

BONUS # 1 - Training in proven systems to sell more books (a $4,997.00 value)

My Maximize Your Book Sales program gives you step-by-step guidance as well as group and one-on-one coaching in tried and tested ways to sell more books on Amazon and in bulk, increase your online following, land more FREE publicity for yourself and your work, and a lot more. This video course and the coaching that comes with it have a retail price of $4,997.00, but you'll get it for no extra charge when you enroll now!

BONUS #2 - 2 ads promoting you as a guest to 4,000+ radio/TV producers (a $1,200 value)

For decades, my Radio/TV Interview Report (RTIR) has long been known as a "bible" in the publicity industry. Every quarter, this print publication goes out to some 4,000+ radio and TV producers who are looking for guests to interview, including non-fiction authors like you with important stories and messages to share. At no extra cost, you'll get two ads in RTIR, increasing your chances of landing your book major publicity that could win you many more paying readers.

BONUS # 3 - Ad promoting your book to 5,000 bulk book buyers (a $250.00 value)

Would you like to sell 50. . . 1,000. . . even 10,000+ copies of your book to a single buyer, with no returns? When you enroll now, we’ll buy you an ad in the catalog which 5,000 sales reps use to serve 60,000 volume book buyers in corporations, associations, schools and government agencies. When they take an order for your books, they’ll purchase them from you at 60% off the list price. The ad is regularly $250.00 but is yours free when you enroll now.

BONUS # 4 - Four hours of tech "hand-holding" from my tech team. 

Not sure how to collect the emails of visitors to your website? Unsure how to post a video to YouTube? Feeling timid about tweeting? No question is too basic! After you've received all the modules, members of my tech team will "hold your hand" as you get your online presence and promotion up and running!

Fast Action Bonus: We'll Throw You a Virtual Book Launch Party

When you enroll in Get Published Now VIP Services during this special offer, we’ll throw you a virtual book launch party when you’re ready!

Once your book is done, we’ll facilitate an online book launch party on Zoom for you, lasting up to an hour. You can invite your family and friends to celebrate your accomplishment with you, as well as your online following. 

We’ll handle all the details—all you have to do is invite people who could buy your book!

PLUS: Be One Of The First Ten To Enroll Now, And You'll Get A FREE, Half-Hour Consult With Me

If you're one of the first ten people to enroll during this promotion, you'll get a half-hour consult with me

During our conversation, we'll talk about whatever project is most pressing for you. You can pick my brain on strategy, get feedback on your content, and brainstorm with me about ways to make your book or whatever you're working on better and more impactful.

This half-hour consult with me is worth $600.00—but when you're one of the first ten to enroll during this promotion, it's yours FREE.

How Much DoGet Published Now VIP Services Cost?

(Not much compared with what you'll save avoiding costly mistakes and all you could make as a successful author!)

"AUTHOR SURGE" SPECIAL: Get $6,447.00+ Of Valuable Book Writing & Publishing Bonuses FREE When You Enroll Before Friday, September 30th At 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific)

I’m sure you can see by now why our Get Published Now VIP Services are such a fantastic opportunity.

With our guidance and the done-for-you services we provide, you could get your book done so much faster than you imagined—and have it available for worldwide sale on Amazon in only 90 to 120 days after you finish your first draft manuscript.

Imagine: In just 3-4 months from now, you could be a published author, with a book you're proud of, just as you've wanted to be for so long!

Think you're a slow learner, or worried life will get in the way (as it sometimes does) of pursuing your goal?

No pressure! We view this program as one year in length, but upon request we'll give you an extra two years (for a total of three years) to use all the coaching, consulting, training, and done-for-you services to write and publish your book.

I've seen people pay $25,000.00, or more, for a package of training and services like this one.

And I plan to charge $12,000 in the future for this package. 

But for a limited time you won't be paying nearly that much . . .

And you'll be getting $6,447.00+ of free book writing and publishing bonuses—when you enroll before this special offer goes away after 9:00 PM Eastern (6:00 PM Pacific) on Friday, September 30th.

Here are your two tuition options . . .


4 monthly installments of just $3,249 each


Save the most with a single investment of $10,996

100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain because you're protected by my personal money-back guarantee: If, for any reason, you're not 100% delighted with your investment, you may cancel within 30 days of your enrollment for a 100% refund.

Steve Harrison

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